Launched in 2014, the challenge aims to develop professional engineers and inspire next generation. Teams from all over the world take part in the challenge, undertaking a design and build cycle of UAS with specific mission objectives.



The IMechE Unmanned Air System (UAS) Challenge (‘The Challenge’) will engage University Undergraduate and taught Postgraduate teams in the design, construction, development, and demonstration of an Autonomous UAS.  With a Maximum Take-off Mass (MTOM) of 10 kg, and operating within Visual Line of Sight (VLOS), the Unmanned Aircraft (UA) will be designed to undertake a representative humanitarian aid mission. The system will be required to operate automatically, performing a series of tasks such as area search, navigating waypoints, accurately dropping the Aid Package, and returning to base via a defined route.   The Challenge will be held annually over the duration of an academic year, with the competition commencing in October 2020, and the flight demonstration being held in June 2021. This period will be structured into design, development, and demonstration stages, with a business presentation, as well as the flying demonstration contributing to the scoring.

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A vision is nothing more than a dream unless we unite with individuals who believe in it and try to make it a reality. "Redeemer" which is exceptionally valuable in Philanthropic Aid dropping and is further equipped for Navigation, Climb and Glide, and ground marker identification with. The team was evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:  

Concept paper: basic eligibility criteria  

Review report: 15 points  

Design report I: 140 points  

Review report II: 15 points

Manufacturing and support description: 90 points

X-Plane Simulation: 340 points  

Team WRise secured 516 points out of 600 points and were declared as the Winner of IMechE UAS Challenge 2021.